Maxell Holdings, Ltd. (Address: 2-16-2 Konan, Minato-ku, Tokyo; President and Representative Director: Yoshiharu Katsuta) and the Shinagawa Prince Hotel (Address: 4-10-30 Takanawa, Minato-ku, Tokyo; General Manager: Norimitsu Hashimoto) have entered into an agreement so that Maxell Holdings shall acquire the naming rights to the aquarium “AQUA PARK SHINAGAWA”, owned by Shinagawa Prince Hotel, for 3 years.
The name of the facility shall thus be the “Maxell AQUA PARK SHINAGAWA” beginning December 1, 2017.





■ Contract Overview

Contract Period: 3 years from December 1, 2017
Address: 4-10-30 Takanawa, Minato-ku, Tokyo (within Shinagawa Prince Hotel)



The “AQUA PARK SHINAGAWA” opened in April 2005 within Shinagawa Prince Hotel as an urban-style aquarium. Since then it has been enjoyed by many, including those living in neighboring areas as well as tourists from within Japan and abroad alike. In July 2015, it was reborn as a facility that transcends the category of “aquarium” and provides state-of-the-art healing and astonishment abundant in creativity and versatility, fusing performances using “sound, light and images” with marine life. This was in order to actualize the “entertainment town” that Shinagawa Prince Hotel aims for, one that transcends the framework of hotels in line with the city development of Shinagawa. It has developed content that differs night and day and between seasons, continuing to evolve as “Tokyo’s Cutting-Edge Entertainment”.

Maxell Holdings, Ltd. entered into their second establishment, changing their company name as of  October 1, 2017. Accompanying this, “Within, the Future” was newly established as the brand slogan in order to establish the Maxell brand as one that can be trusted and counted upon.

This slogan represents the corporate vision that the company, which has delivered emotion to  stakeholders through new added-value in response to various needs, will stick close to people even in the future through “the power to connect” and “the power to be connected” delivering never-before-seen surprises with these two strengths. The domain of “people’s surroundings” such as “light”, “air”, “water” and “sound” is the business domain where this company can make use of their core competence. They will create synergy with the “AQUA PARK SHINAGAWA”, including a Maxell-brand projector to color light shows.

At this time, two companies who stand by people and share the common sentiment of delivering surprise and emotion to people have formed a partnership. Alongside the new name, “Maxell AQUA PARK SHINAGAWA”, they aim to create an entertainment facility loved by even more people.


■About Maxell Holdings, Ltd.

Since their start of business in 1961, Hitachi Maxell, Ltd. developed their business centered around batteries and storage media. In response to changes in management environment, they
reformed their portfolio and changed their corporate name to Maxell Holdings, Ltd. as of October 1, 2017.

They are working on business growth and contributing to the solving of social
challenges connected to the fulfillment of their management vision of “Supporting Smart Life, Peace of Mind & Cheer around People”. They work within a global business domain pivoted on Three Key Growth Areas: “Automotive”, “Home Life & Infrastructure” and “Health & Beauty



■About Shinagawa Prince Hotel

Opened in July 1978, it is a hotel located in front of Shinagawa Station, easily accessed from both within Japan and abroad. In addition to approximately 3,500 rooms and 13 restaurants, it
has entertainment facilities such as a bowling center, movie theater and the “AQUA PARK SHINAGAWA”.

It is proceeding with renewals alongside the city’s development, aiming to create an “entertainment town” that transcends the framework of hotels. With the approximately 2,000 ㎡
restaurant “Dining&Bar TABLE 9 TOKYO” opening in December 2017, it continues to evolve.