Portable model with Powerbank function




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Large amount of ionized wind can be generated by this MRD technology. The optimized ionized wind can oxidize and decompose effectively. Thus, a powerful disinfection and deodorization can be achieved. maxell_air_purifier_catalogue_g3
maxell_air_purifier_catalogue_g1About 3 times more ionized wind blow off by MRD Technology Corona discharge is effective for disinfection and deodorization by using ionized air emission. However, conventional electrostatic discharger was not effective enough as its volume of ionized is small.
To solve this problem, we have studied ionized wind mechanism and developed a new Multiplex Ring Discharge Technology, which is able to generate a large amount of ionized wind. This MRD Technology can generate 3 times more ionized wind comparing with conventional model, and provide high efficiency on purifing effect.maxell_air_purifier_catalogue_g2